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Caponata (2)

Mafia in our kitchen? No, thanks! 

During its activities, Mafianeindanke has frequently come across cases of misuse, in the form of …

Screenshot Sta Stuttgart

The State of Baden Württemberg and its failures in the fight against the Mafia

mafianeindanke is campaigning for the mafia to finally be really prosecuted in Baden-Württemberg. That is …

Beschklagnahmte Luxusautos. Bild: Polizei

VAT fraud by the Calabrian mafia

There has been a lot of talk in recent months about dubious share deals in …


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The EU presents a new action plan against money laundering

On the 7th of May 2020, the European Commission, through the Executive Vice-President Valdis Dombrovskis, …


Anti-money laundering measures: Swiss banks look the other way

Like their counterparts in the European Union, Swiss banks are very often involved in money …

Schweizer Fahne

Swiss parliament stops the adaptation of the Anti-Money Laundering Act to international standards

On 2 March this year, the National Council, the so-called Grand House of the Swiss …


New “You Monitor” toolkit against corruption

We are proud to share the outcome of the project “You Monitor: Empowering YOUth to …

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Academic research on organized crime: why it is not a marginal topic, but an essential one

The 18th of May was an important day for mafianeindanke – we managed to discuss …

You Monitor Sitomnd

You Monitor

ERASMUS+ KA2 – strategic partnerships Empowering YOUth to build MONITORial communities against corruption We want …

Ampel Berlin

Berlin Regional Court uses a new tool against Clankriminalität

On 7 April 2020, the Berlin Regional Court ordered the confiscation of two properties in …


Anti-money laundering measures: Swiss banks look the other way

Like their counterparts in the European Union, Swiss banks are very often involved in money …

Giulia Im Ep 600x433

mafianeindanke in the European Parliament

It was almost 12 years ago, when the first mafianeindanke activists in Berlin laid the …



mafianeindanke e.V. is the only German association that explicitly focuses on OC problems and is committed to a free society without mafia and organized crime (OC). Since 2007 we inform politics, civil society and economy about the growing presence of the Mafia and OK in Germany, since 2009 we are registered as a non-profit organisation.



To send a signal against the Mafia, Italian men and women founded the initiative mafianeindanke. This initiative expressed the indignation of the many Italians living honestly in Germany. In the meantime the organisation grew and is deeply rooted in Germany’s civil society. mafianeindanke is the most important NGO in this field. The organisation’s goal was and is to inform people in Germany about the danger of Mafia presences and to find solutions to better tackle organised crime.



We promote and strengthen the anti-Mafia movement in Europe.
We fight for a Europe-wide harmonization of laws for an improved fight against organized crime.
We raise awareness of the dangers posed by the presence of (Italian) mafia groups in Germany.
We offer advice to all interested parties.
We keep alive the memory of the victims of mafia crimes.



Hundreds of thousands of people around the world are committed to fighting organized crime and corruption. Learn more about our network.