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Empowering YOUth to build MONITORial communities against corruption

We want to develop an innovative, cross-sectoral and non-formal education method (the “You Monitor” toolkit) to involve young people in civil society anti-corruption initiatives. In the project, youth workers will develop improved skills to explain to young people how to react to entrusted power, how to manage conflicts of interest in a positive way and how to use freedom of information.

The project supports increased dissemination of civic core competences for community-based monitoring and active civil society engagement against corruption in the EU and especially in the partner countries.


The You Monitor project brings together anti-corruption and youth organisations to support community-based anti-corruption action in Europe. For about two years, You Monitor partners will develop an innovative, cross-sectorial and non-formal educational method (the You Monitor toolkit), specifically designed to engage and empower a young audience on the topic. The project supports capacity building of youth workers and empowers young people to become anti-corruption activists and leaders, promoting a culture of integrity and developing monitorial communities at the local/national/EU level.

Coherently with the provisions of UNCAC and the EU Youth Strategy 2019-2027, the project supports quality youth work on civic anti-corruption and community-based monitoring, that includes the cross-disciplinary facets of:

  • civic engagement
  • culture of integrity
  • social cohesion and justice
  • Right to Know
  • Freedom of Information
  • care of the Common Good
  • participation to democratic life

The project recognises monitorial communities as the best bottom-up anti-corruption contributions and supports capacity building of youth workers, who are often keen on addressing these issues, but lack of expertise on such complex topics and are left with little to no material specifically designed for their audience.


You Monitor will develop an innovative, cross-sectorial and non-formal educational method (the You Monitor toolkit), produced together by CSOs partners and usable by youth workers. This will help engage and empower young people in civic anti-corruption (promoting a culture of integrity and developing monitorial communities).

The You Monitor toolkit will:

  • create three simplified guides and three educational tools;
  • be open-licensed, in 4 languages, replicable and re-usable, modifiable according to needs;
  • adopt five different methods: informative, theatrical/experiential and ethical dilemma approaches; role-playing; campaigning techniques.

You Monitor will outperform frontal lessons on corruption, which often focus only on regulatory aspects, are not accessible to youth and have poor impact.

With You Monitor, youth workers will be provided with an innovative non-formal educational toolkit specifically targeted for their audience and will test how to use it with young people during two dedicated training sessions. They will be encouraged to lead international exchanges between YWs and young monitorial citizens, and develop other educational tools inspired by the You Monitor toolkit. Partner CSOs will have new tools for awareness-raising, training and empowerment of youth on civic anti-corruption that can be directly used at local, national and EU level. They will expand a network of stakeholders interested in employing the project outcomes, both local youth workers and public authorities. Finally, in the medium-long term, thanks to training based on You Monitor IOs, youth as our final beneficiaries will be offered opportunities and tools necessary to become young anti-corruption activists and leaders, promoting the culture of integrity and anti-corruption campaigns at local/national/EU level.

Partner organisations

mafianeindanke e.V. , GERMANY (lead)

Eine Welt e.V. Leipzig , GERMANY

Libera. Associazioni, nomi e numeri contro le mafie, ITALY

Gruppo Abele, ITALY

DeMains Libres, FRANCE

Échanges et Partenariats, FRANCE

Università di Pisa – Dipartimento di Scienze Politiche, ITALY

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Project development: 01.12.2020 – 31.01.2023