How we work

The strength of mafianeindanke lies in the commitment of its numerous members, supporters of different nationalities, cultures and age groups. We all want to live in a world in which organised crime is fought on a broad scale and with success, and we want to give our contribution. With courage, strength and imagination we are committed to a world without organised crime – with fair opportunities for all. The fight against mafia and organised crime cannot be the task of the security forces alone. Everyone can do something and foster change!


We of mafianeindanke are not alone. We are part of large networks. Within Germany we cooperate with experts and institutions working on similar topics as we do. We keep contacts with those affected by organised crime and exchange information with law enforcement agencies, lawyers and journalists. At European level, we are involved in the network CHANCE – Civil Hub Against orgaNized Crime. Many non-governmental organisations and initiatives such as ours are involved in this network, working together and in close exchange. We contribute with our energy and commitment, but also with our expertise.


In Germany, mafia clans and organised crime stay under the radar, for a variety of reasons. The best way to counter this phenomenon is therefore to have grounded knowledge and up-to-date information. Only those who know about organised crime will be able to recognise it! This aspect is central to the work of mafianeindanke. We therefore promote knowledge about mafia phenomena on a broad level. In a variety of events we inform the public – these can be film screenings, readings, panel discussions or experts meetings. Our press work helps to create transparency about organised crime in Germany and Europe. Thanks to our analyses, we are able to advocate with government authorities, institutions and business enterprises. Our expertise has been implemented in numerous solutions. As a think tank, we develop possibilities for improvement in the fight against organised crime and mafia presence. mafianeindanke thus puts pressure for a fairer world with fair opportunities for all.


An important instrument is our bimonthly newsletter, which is aimed at both a professional and non-expert public. We also keep our followers up to date on our topics through different social media channels. mafianeindanke is also partner in EU-funded research projects. Some projects have focused on preventing and fighting corruption or on various legislative measures and their application, such as the confiscation of criminal assets, for example the proceeds of crimes such as drug trafficking, and their reuse for public benefit.