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Kontoinhaber: mafianeindanke e.V.
Bank: GLS Bank
IBAN: DE29 4306 0967 1238 5964 00
Kontonummer: 1238 596 400
Bankleitzahl: 430 609 67

Of course. There are different types of certificates:
Confirmation of annual appropriation/collective donation certificate
Every spring (probably in March) of a new year, mafianeindanke sends out an unsolicited tax-deductible annual confirmation of appropriation/collective donation certificate which summarises all the donations made during the year. The dispatch takes place for donations of over 200 euro.
Confirmation of donation/individual donation receipt
At your own request, we will issue an individual donation receipt for donations of 200 euros or more. The dispatch takes place approx. 8 weeks after your donation receipt. Please contact us if you would like an individual donation receipt for your donations.
Individual donations up to 200 Euro
For individual donations of up to 200 euros, a “simplified proof”, e.g. printout of the online donation confirmation or our thank you e-mail together with the account statement, is recognised as a donation confirmation (for online banking, the printout of the booking confirmation). You can also enclose our simplified proof of donation.
Download: Supplement simplified proof of donation confirmations

We ask for your understanding that we can currently send our donation receipts only by post. A secure and legally binding dispatch of receipts by e-mail is currently not possible.

All donations, support and membership fees to mafianeindanke e.V. are tax-deductible in Germany, according to §10b Abs. 1 EstG as contributions to promote tax-privileged purposes in the sense of §§ 52 to 54 of the tax code up to 20 percent of the total amount of your income.

Your personal data is transmitted to us via a secure connection.
Therefore you can give us a direct debit authorisation or donate by credit card securely and conveniently online.

We are impartial and independent. To ensure that this remains so, we do not accept any financial support for our research and educational work from persons, companies or organisations whose position on organised crime is not clear. Our executive board discuss this carefully before deciding which partners to work with.

mafianeindanke e.V. is exempted from paying tax because it promotes crime prevention in Germany and abroad within the meaning of Section 52 (2) No. 20 of the German Tax Code (Abgabenordnung) according to the notice of exemption or according to the annex to the corporate income tax notice of the Berlin Tax Office, St. No. 27/672/55779, of 29 July 2020 for the last assessment period 2017-2019, is exempt from corporation tax pursuant to section 5(1) No. 9 of the Körperschaftsteuergesetz (Corporation Tax Act) and from trade tax pursuant to section 3 No. 6 of the Gewerbesteuergesetz (Trade Tax Act).

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