Donations instead of gifts

Are you celebrating your birthday, planning your wedding or inviting the family to celebrate? You are looking forward to a party with your loved ones and want to do something against organised crime? Then why not share your joy and ask your guests for a donation for mafianeindanke. In this way you help will be double: you collect money to support crime prevention and at the same time you inform other people about our work.

It’s that simple, you have two options:

  1. your guests transfer the money themselves

It would be best if you point out in the invitation that you would prefer, instead of receiving presents, to have a donation in favour of mafianeindanke e.V. You can also include our bank account details (see below) and a key word, e.g. “Birthday Max Mustermann” in the invitation. Your guests should use this keyword when transferring the donations. If your guests wish to receive a donation receipt, they should also add their full address on the transfer form, or contact us directly.

Please let us know the date of your celebration and the key word in advance. Then we can clearly assign the donations to your event.

After your celebration you will receive a list from us with the names of the donors and the total amount collected during your event. For reasons of data protection, we do not mention individual amounts. However, your guests will automatically receive a donation receipt from us within a few weeks, provided we have the addresses.

  1. you transfer the collected amount

You collect the donations of the guests at your party and transfer the total amount to mafianeindanke e.V. In this case it is also advantageous to refer to your “Donations instead of gifts” campaign in the invitation.

Please clearly mark your transfer to our donations account (see below) with a key word, e.g. “Marriage Erika und Max Mustermann”. We will gladly send you a donation box which you can place at your celebration.

Due to tax regulations it is not possible for us to issue a donation receipt for individual donations cash.
Many thanks for your understanding.

Do you have any questions? Then get in touch with us. We will be happy to assist you.