Requirements and proposals

Thanks to mafianeindanke, professorships are also being created in Germany, analogous to the many examples at Italian universities. Research in Germany must deal much more strongly and decisively with the phenomena of organised crime; we prefer an interdisciplinary approach to this; after all, we see the fight against organised crime as a cross-sectional task, a task that affects all parts of society. This is based on the fundamental conviction that more knowledge about the activities of organised crime and the means and methods used to combat it must be created. A scientific reflection of this approach is indispensable, also in order to obtain reliable indicators of the success or failure of the measures.

mafianeindanke thanks demand a Federal Prosecutor for Organized Crime analogous to the Federal Prosecutor General for Terrorism. We regard the penetration of our society and economy by organized crime groups as equally dangerous for our democracy and freedom.

In the area of money laundering, mafia thanks demand a better control of notaries and real estate agents and a follow-up of the entries in the transparency register for cash payments over 10,000 €.

mafianeindanke supports young people who want to leave Arab clans and is working with the Berlin Senate on a concept for this.