Private Corruption Barometer PCB

Aufkleber Quadrat 52x52mm 2

mafianeindanke e.V. was a partner in the EU project “The Private Corruption Barometer (PCB) – Drafting and piloting a model for a comparative business victimization survey on political corruption in the EU”, which ended in April 2018. Together with the eCrime research team from the University of Trento, Italy, the Centre for the Study of Democracy in Sofia, Bulgaria and the University of Juan Carlos in Madrid, Spain, we contributed to the development of an indicator to measure the perception of corruption in businesses.

The main objective of the project was to make the phenomenon of corruption in the private sector more transparent and understandable. According to the 2014 EU Anti-Corruption Report, there is a lack of reliable tools to measure corruption in the private sector and to compare it internationally. The research project covered four European countries: Italy, Germany, Bulgaria and Spain. It was intended to develop a benchmark for other countries that will enable them to conduct their own research in this field more efficiently.

Thanks to the work of the project, EU member states did not only be able to gather knowledge and expertise on this particular field of crime, but will also be able to gain a deeper understanding of how to fight corruption. The results of the project have been made available to the public through a dedicated website, four seminars, offers for students, an electronic database containing the data collected, scientific articles, a final conference in Brussels, etc.

We as mafianeindanke e.V. are proud to be part of such an innovative European project.