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mafianeindanke had been planning for some time, since 2016, to advertise an exit and dissociation project in Berlin, inspired by a successful Italian model project.
The murder of Nidal R. in September 2018 gave a boost to these efforts. The chairman of mafianeindanke, the Berlin journalist Sandro Mattioli, presented a five-point immediate program at a meeting of the interior committee of the Berlin House of Representatives in the fall of 2018. One of these points was an offer for those willing to leave the mafia and break away. So far, such measures have been available for Islamists and right-wing extremists, for example. However, there are no offers for those affected or perpetrators of organized crime. Mattioli met with open ears, especially from the Neukölln district mayor Martin Hikel. This led to a cooperative effort: A study was to examine what such a program could look like and how it could be implemented.