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18.10.2023 24-hour conference on global organized crime

18. October @ 14:00 19. October @ 14:00

Wir nehmen an der diesjährigen 24-hour conference on global organized crime teil und sprechen über den Aufbau einer Antimafia-Organisation außerhalb Italiens. Mehr zu unserem Beitrag:

How to build an Anti-Mafia association outside Italy: methods, difficulties, successes.

Mafianeindanke was founded in 2007 after the mafia massacre in Duisburg and has come a long way within the German movement to fight mafia organised crime groups. We are the first anti-mafia association in Germany, a country where the presence of organised crime groups is very strong and where many illegal profits are laundered. Nevertheless, in many cases German society and politics have shown little awareness of this problem. Since our founding, we have been actively working to combat organised crime by engaging with civil society through events and projects and raising our voice in the political discourse through our growing advocacy work. Our efforts led to some important legal adjustments and had a noticeable effect on media reporting, yet there is still a long way to go.
We would like to share our experiences in the great environment of the 24 Hours Conference on Global Organised Crime: how we were founded, the difficulties we encountered and how we managed to find our role in the public discourse. During the discussion, we would like to show the audience one possible way we can respond as a civil society that could be viable in other countries. How we have managed to deal with the difficulties of being made up of only volunteers and often having limited resources, and yet how we have achieved important goals. Participating in the conference would not only be an added value for other interested civil society actors to learn about our reality, but even we could get new inspiration and grow our network internationally, by participating in such an inspiring environment.
We look forward to sharing our experiences and our daily work in the fight against organised crime. We would be very happy to hear from you soon.