Coreact goes Education


The concept of Coreact started in 2019, with a two-days event in Berlin that brought together over 200 activists from all over Europe and beyond.

All participants were, in different ways, committed to fighting corruption, mafias, organised crime, illicit financial flows and money laundering, advocating for greater transparency and promoting the activation of the civil society in these matters.

The two days were structured under the motto „how to…“ in many parallel workshops, in a peer-to-peer exchange of methods and experiences.

It was a great success: some long-lasting networks were born with Coreact, others were strengthened. During the Covid-years most of the work has proceeded online, but now we would like to meet again in person with a new specialised version of the event:

NOW: COREACT.EDU takes place on the 9th and 10th of December 2022. The date is not a random choice, as the 9th of December is the International Anti-Corruption day.
This time, will focus on education – in particular, on anti-corruption education! With this event, we want to share some existing tools and experiences to approach complex topics with young people. Our goal is to support the development of a new generation of activists. And we don’t mean it as the generation of the future, but as the generation of today.
Let’s explore together, how to start with anti-corruption actions!


Coreact 2019 in Berlin (c) mafianeindanke is open for all interested persons and free of charge. You need to register though here (the page opens in a new window).
The event will be held in English and your active participation is required, due to the philosophy of coreact.

FRIDAY 9th DECEMBER 18:00-20:30 – Franz-Mehring-Platz 1 Berlin

Speakers (still secret – that’s part of the game!) and public will engage in an interactive dialogue, discovering together how varied and intriguing can activism be! We will start with a game, and continue with a group discussion then we will conclude with a very special live concert and a food&drinks moment, to let you get to know the other participants.

SATURDAY 10th DECEMBER 9:15-17:00 – Franz-Mehring-Platz 1 Berlin

We will structure the day in two blocks of workshops, during which we will explore in practice the methodologies we have developed in our projects You Monitor (Empowering Youth to build monitorial communities against corruption), Europe Hub and the first part of the Quaderno Didattico (especially for teacher of Italian language).
You will be able to go home with new ideas, materials, and competences to work with a group on topics such as abuse of power, conflict of interest, corruption, civic monitoring, access to information, etc. Lunch and snacks are included!