23 years later the Giuseppe Sabia’s murder case progresses

Mafia in Germany

23 years ago a pizza baker was murdered in Hessen. The suspect has not been apprehended until now. On Monday 13 June 2016 in Zaragoza (Spain) a 43 year-old man was caught and accused of  the aforementioned crime. The evidence against his innocence is strong – his DNA test results matched the samples from the crime scene.

The seizure of the suspect is an important breakthrough. The murder case from 1993 was a so-called „mafia-style murder” – the victim was a 41 year old man who was cut with a knife near the Pizzeria in Neckarstadt-West district (Mannheim) and then transported to the forest where he was abused and shot dead. The prosecutor and the police do not want to divulge more information due to the safety of the investigation. An european arrest warrant against the suspect was issued as well as a german arrest warrant on the request of the Mannheim’s prosecutor.

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